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I had the pleasure of having a meet and greet hosted by Barry Drucker and his lovely wife Sharron, for myself, Bret McNabb, and Marc DeJesus yesterday in a beautiful home in the Waterside community.

Something was brought up about the gas station and how we are running as that as our platform. I can only speak for myself, but the gas station issue was merely a catalyst in making the decision to run for a seat at the council. After dealing with the council for several months and seeing how it was operated and the absolute lack of discussion and transparency and willingness to have an open dialogue with its constituents, I felt ashamed that that was our leadership.

There is no apparent reason that a discussion could not have been held about our concerns. Not to mention the blatant lies that were posted in the towns statement to the citizens of Fort Mill. Is this how we want our town run? Do we want our leaders to leave its citizens out of the discussion of how they want to advance our town?

The town of a fort Mill has a much more diverse group of citizens today, than it did just four years ago, and I feel that the leadership needs to be as diverse as it’s population. We need leaders from all over, that have seen how other growing towns have succeeded and bring that to the table. Why should everyone at the helm be from Fort Mill?

We need people with a diverse background, who have the integrity to stand up for what is right for its community and have an engaging conversation to help our town grow responsibly.


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Remember November 5th to vote Rick Hayes for Fort Mill Town Council

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