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Rick Hayes​ is a team player.  He continues to excel in his career due to hard work and his determination to continually educate himself on the next best thing.  He discovers best practices to implement new ideas that help his company to continue its successful journey in exceeding their clients expectations.  He has successfully helped start up a handful of small businesses by delivering on his promise of customer satisfaction.  Bringing his forward thinking and communication skills to the table will unify our community as we plan for the needs of our rapidly growing town.

Why am I  running?  I have decided to run for the at large town council position because I feel like the Town of Fort Mill is ready for more diversity.  I know that I've only lived here for just a couple of years, but in that short time I have met some amazing people that have great qualities, much like Fort Mill.  Most of them are from other parts of the country, like myself.  We have all chosen to make Fort Mill our home.  The place we have all decided was the place that we wanted to raise our families.  The town of Fort Mill has grown rapidly over the past decade and I feel its leadership needs to be as diverse as the community it is representing.  I think it is time to enhance its leadership and I am willing to go the distance to ensure that our community member's needs are being met.   

A little about me!  I was born and raised until the age of 10 in the town of Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  At that time, my family moved to the quaint little town of Greenwood, AR.  I went to the University of Central Arkansas, during which time I fell into the field of Audio/Visual Technology.  At the age of 23, I moved to the Minneapolis, MN area, where my career in Event Production truly started to blossom.  After working with a couple of different firms over the course of 8 years, I started up my own production company, where I had a thriving business for several years.  In January of 2015, I met my future wife while on business in Atlanta.  Turned out that she is from Rock Hill.  Later in the year, I decided to move to South Carolina.  Two years later, I started working for a company based out of New Jersey and travel the globe ensuring our clients expectations are being met as they should.  My family consists of my three-year-old daughter Hannah Grace, my two-year-old son Richard Greyson, and my beautiful high schooler Madi Drew.  After much consideration and driving through several neighborhoods in the metro area, we decided on the town of Fort Mill for its great schools and charming traits.

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Rick Hayes for Town Council 2019